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auto hid bulb,hid lamps hid headlight Development story

        1919 advertisement for the Corning Conaphore headlamp lens shown above.
        The 1926 Bilux bulb was the first modern unit, having the light for both low (dipped) and high (main) beams of a headlamp emitting from a single bulb fot auto hid bulb , hid lamps ,hid headlight development
        The earliest hid headlamps were fueled by acetylene or oil and were introduced in the late 1860 Acetylene lamps were popular because the flame was resistant to wind and rain. The first electric headlamps were introduced in 1892 on the Columbia Electric Car from the Electric Vehicle Company of Hartford, Connecticut, and were optional. Two factors limited the widespread use of electric headlamps: the short life of filaments in the harsh automotive environment, and the difficulty of producing dynamos small enough, yet powerful enough to produce sufficient current. "Prest-O-Lite" acetylene lights were offered by a number of manufacturers as standard equipment for 1924, and Peerless made electrical headlamps standard in 19111. In 1912, but they found slow adoption in North America. 1996's Lincoln Mark VIII was an early American effort at HIDs, and was the only car with DC HID bulb , hid lamps
"Dipping" (low beam) headlamps were introduced in 1917 by the Guide Lamp Company, but the 1918 Cadillac system allowed the light to be dipped with a lever inside the car rather than requiring the driver to stop and get out.. A similar design was introduced in 1923 by Guide Lamp called the "Duplo". In 1926, the foot-operated dimmer switch was introduced and became standard for much of the century. also made extensive use of 8 in. sealed beams. With some exceptions from Volvo and Saab, this headlamp size format was never widely accepted in Europe, leading to different front-end designs for each side of the Atlantic for decades.
        The first halogen headlamp for vehicle use was introduced in 1962 by a consortium of European bulb and headlamp makers.  Auto Halogen bulbs technology makes incandescent filaments more efficient and can produce more light than from non-halogen filaments at the same power consumption. as well as Japan, nternationalized European vehicle regulations require such headlamps to be equipped with lens cleaners and an automatic self-leveling system to keep the beams aimed correctly regardless of vehicle load and attitude, but no such devices are required in North America, where inherently more glaring beam patterns are also permitted. Retrofittin auto hid  bulb , hid lamps , inheadlamps not originally designed to accept them results in extremely high levels of glare, and is illegal throughout most of the world.

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