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Xenon HID headlamps basics Talk

1. HID meanings:
High Intensity Discharge HID is the abbreviation. HID is the high-pressure gas discharge lamp, the xenon gas filling inside,HID lights, also known as xenon lights. It is the principle of light power, through the ballast, in an instant rise in the low-voltage power supply for more than 20,000-volt high-voltage pulse voltage to activate the xenon bulb in the xenon arc produced in the color temperature 3000-12000K strong light. Then turn into a voltage of about 85V, stable and sustainable supply of xenon light bulbs.

2. HID classification:
HID and halogen bulbs is the model-one correspondence, that is what the original halogen bulb type, then the Xenon HID lamps of the time, need to use the same model. HID lamp according to the current model is divided into: H series: H1, H3, H4, H6, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13, etc.; 90 series: 9004 (HB1), 9005 (HB3), 9006 (HB4), 9007 (HB5), etc.; D series: D1S, D1C, D1R, D2R, D1C, D2C, D3C, D4C, etc.; Other: 880, 881 in the automotive HID xenon lamp model is the application of more H1, H4, H7, 9005 , 9006,9007 and other models. Which H4 model, the original halogen bulbs which have two tungsten wire, a far light, a recent light. And because the xenon lamp in a lamp in the light beam near impossible, so the distance light xenon lamps are one xenon lamp. Placed in a holder on which a two bulb xenon bulb is the other one is ahalogen bulb, use two light bulbs divided to the distance between the distance light. Specifically: H4 / H (near xenon far halogen); H4 / L (near xenon far halogen); there is the distance light xenon lamp H4/HL is representative of the level (High / Low), which we call flexible light. There is light lens with dual angel eye projector lights, cool lights, but the price is expensive, cumbersome installation.

3. HID features:
HID Xenon lights are popular in more and more high-grade car a little factory has been equipped with Xenon HID lights, Xenon HID lights will become a trend, the trend is replaced by halogen. Consumers generally in the car, want to choose a xenon headlamps. Because:
1, power. General vehicle original 60W halogen headlights most of the upper and lower power consuming, HID ballast gas discharge headlamps set in the stability of operation, only 35W of electricity to supply xenon bulb LED. Greatly reducing the burden of vehicle electrical systems, the corresponding increase in vehicle performance. 2 brightness. HID Xenon lights can output up to 3200Lm brightness, and generally only halogen bulbs produce 1000Lumen up and down the brightness. (Note: Lm, brightness units, commonly known as "lumens.") That auto xenon headlamps enhance the brightness of 300%, according to the brighter, wider, farther, in fact, this is the greatest charm of the HID. Many have used HID xenon lamp owners response, the installation of HID xenon lamp good line of sight, night driving safety is greatly improved. Light bulb mounted to the same brightness will be slightly different on the car is different. Generally considered: the better the car assembly (reflector), the better the more light, whereas the effect is relatively badly. Xenon lamp lit for one second to reach the final brightness of 25%, 4 seconds to reach the final brightness of 80%, 2-4 minutes after the stabilization. With the xenon molecule within the bulb the more you use the more active, longer bulb used will be brighter. 3, the color temperature very comfortable. HID lamps emit about 6000K color temperature of light, the effect is close to daylight color temperature, the human eye's maximum acceptance and comfort. This light with the lighting on the vehicle, can effectively reduce the driver's visual fatigue, driving safety for a significant improvement directly. 4, long life. Is the use of tungsten halogen lamps to light, tungsten in the long under the heat, to evaporate fuse; and because there is no tungsten filament xenon headlights, so there is no tungsten fracture, life can be up to approximately 2000-3000 hours, the original 6-8 times the life of halogen lamps. 5, easy to install. Just plug the lamp ballast input power, connect and secure the bulb can be (xenon lamp holder and the same as the original halogen lamp holder). Do not need to change the original vehicle parts. If necessary, think back halogen bulb, 5 minutes to get, very convenient.

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