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Less than 2 percent of headlights are estimated to use auto led bulbs technology today.

   Brighter, less costly and more efficient, auto LED lamps are making their way into a wide variety of automotives,such as led turning light,led signal light,led licence plate light,led dashboard light, fog light.ect. Less than 2 percent of headlights are estimated to use auto led bulbs technology today. But suppliers say that more than 90 percent of Asian cars use LED-based CHMSLs.Tier-one suppliers say the design flexibility of the auto led bulb is a key to its growing popularity

 A tier-one automotive electronics supplier. "In the beginning, it was just turning light. Now it was the led fog light. Moreover, applications for the technology are growing in unexpected ways. A fewLED products now offer 50 lumens/W – in some cases as much as 100 – whereas many products a few years ago offered less than five. In that sense, auto led bulbs are helping automakers create greater brand awareness, in the interior, as well as the car's exterior. Osram, philips led lamps for example, has rolled out auto led bulb of various colors – including ice blue, blue lagoon,

 Several trends have boosted the popularity of these electronic lights, according to automotive engineers. Additionally, electric vehicles and hybrids need power-efficient lighting, which boosts the appeal of auto led bulbs Meanwhile, the cost of auto led bulbs has gradually dropped over the last five years. "More and more automotive functions are using auto LED lamps ," says Viren Merchant, engineering manager for exterior electronics at Visteon Corp.,

 Similarly, more than 70 percent of European cars and about half of North American cars are employing LED car light .On the exterior of the vehicle, auto led bulbs are also used in daytime running lamps and parking lights, as well as the high- and low-beam headlights.

 LED packages can be altered to incorporate different numbers of chips, as well as different shapes and sizes. Automakers such as Cadillac, for example, have used that flexibility to create unusually shaped CHMSLs and tail lamps.

 Sky blue and blue green – which enable automakers to tune the interior color to match their brand. In an even bolder step, Ford is employing the technology in My Color, a system that allows drivers to change the interior colors to match their moods.

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