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auto led bulbs of CAN Bus Systems

Most modern vehicles now have a auto led bulbs of ‘CAN bus’ system built into the vehicle. To find out if your vehicle has auto led bulbs of CAN bus system, either consult your local dealer who have experience and knowledge on the subject and will be happy to advise on the system in your vehicle and its requirments.
In a car with traditional wiring, each of the light functions at the back of the vehicle has a single wire running to them (grounded through the chassis). When the breaks or indicators are activated, electrical current flows down the wire to illuminate the bulb. This is a very simple and effective solution. For these vehicle the simplest towing electrical system can be used. The vast majority of cars built before 200 fall into this category. For most of these

The majority of modern motor vehicles now use what is commonly known as a CAN bus system. In simple terms this is a data wire that runs around the car connecting all the control units and systems together. Data is sent over this wire which is decoded by a control unit to determine which function needs to be carried out. In towing terms, this would mean which light needs to be illuminated. The advantage of this system is that if a light fails, the system can compensate and activate other lights to provide a similar illumination pattern. For example, if car led bulbs fails, the system will inform the driver of this failiure, will activate the can bus led bulbs to act as a brake light and will return the power once the brake lamp has been replaced. vehicles a Universal Electric Kit is all that is reuired. You can pick up a single 12n electric kit for around £8. Some vehicle respond to towing by changing the vehicle’s characteristics, ride height settings as awell as changing the way in which any anti-skid or assisted braking systems (ABS) work.
Not all vehicles using auto led bulbs of CAN bus have any or all the systems specified. However in all cases we would recommend the use of a vehicle specific wiring kit to relaise the full potential of your vehicle’s safety feature and benefits.

Now according to the trendency of the auto led bulbs market and the feedback of our old European Clients , Our Engnieer Department have designed more then 10 auto led bulbs of Canbus Light ( 10-18VDC ) , With W5W ( 194) , C5W, BA9S , P21W ( BA15S ) PY21W ( BAY15D ) those type , it sutable for BMW, Audi, Benzi those new type model For More. Auto led bulbs of CAN bus systems allow a substanial Amount of information to be passed around the vegicle.

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