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The difference between hid Xenon flash and car LED flash

Car LED Light  are being taken up light objects.Led lights can be used in the camera phones or digital cameras because of high brightness and low consumption.
Because car led light, much lower than the real flash,so can only play role of “Fill Light”role.At present,some have used cell phone and camera flash the same ,such as Sony Ericsson’s K790C,is used in Xenon flash,the effect than the car LED lights,but should not the same as LED .Always use as a flashlight. Led flash principle:Led is not through the atoms within the electron jump to light-emitting,but add the voltage through the PN junction LED at both ends,so that PN junction itself to form a level,then at the electron energy levels jump up change and to produce photon luminescence.

Hid Xenon flash principle:Hid xenon flash,also known as high-intensity gas discharge flash,xenon flash from the xenon bulbs, ballast and insulation transformer wire composition,the use of special xenon gas at ultra-high voltage discharge firing state.Its working principle is that by triggering the camera after contact,through the transformer ,at the moment will be increased to 12v power supply for more than 20,000-volt high-voltage pulse voltage ,start of xenon bulbs xenon arc produced at 6000k-10000k color temperature strong light ,the color was white in the grain drill slightly.When pressing the shutter,the shutter back to CPU a signal,at the same time CPU synchronization to a control signal output transistor trigger circuit for flash.Then Transistor turn-on ,so start trigger capacitor discharge ,the primary on the transformer at a pulse current,the current transformer secondary so that there is generated near the high voltage4000v simulate internal hernia flash ionization and conduction.So that the electrical energy storagy capacitance on instantaneous discharge through the flash tube into light,to compelete a flash.
Early life expectancy is very short flash,and some magnesium flash tube only once .According to industry standards,said at that time ten thousand times,life really should be far from reaching ten thousand times,Now the flash,after the technological transformation,longevity should be increased. Qualified LED at rated power of life should reach about 100,000hours.If the cell phone at the design of LED drive current will exceed the rated current to use the words,LED life expectancy will be greatly reduced to a few thousand or even hundreds of hours.

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