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Widely Use of LED Strip Lights car lights from Auto to Home

Although highly praised as an automotive accessory, the new Light Form flexible LED lighting film system has many applications for home lighting and enhancing decor designs.
The new LED light strips are less than 1 millimeter thick and enable users to quickly and easily install LED lights in tight spaces that were previously inaccessible. They can even be sewn into fabric. For do-it-yourself home decorators and automobile detailers, the new technology offers more creative options that were unthinkable before. TheLED lights film is ultra thin and ultra pliable, allowing users to bend lighting around corners, over contoured areas and into complicated shapes. Light Form can be folded, cut to fit while lit and can slide into the narrowest crevices and between panels and trim. The LED strip lights car lighs also enables users to achieve edge lighting effects that are as bright at one end as they are at the other, and when used with light diffusing film, eliminate hotspots and bright points of light that are often associated with traditional edge lighting methods.

How LED Light Strips Work
The flexible LED strips car lights come in power strips and extension strips. Each power strip can illuminate up to two extension strips. Each strip is 10″ long, 1/2″ wide and less than 1 millimeter thick.
The strips are expandable. Up to three 10″ segments can be connected, providing up to 30″ of red, amber, green or blue LED lights car lights. The strips come with an easy peel-and-stick adhesive backing that sticks to virtually any clean surface.
Grote Industries, the manufacturer of the LED Strip lights car lights, is a global leader in the vehicle and transportation lighting industry. Gary Grote, the company’s spokesman said there is a big demand placed on both interior and exterior vehicle lighting products. The product was rigorously stress tested using salt baths, extreme humidity, heat and cold.
At one trade show, Grote demonstrated the product’s ruggedness by taking a lit LED light strip out of a container of water, cutting it with a pair of scissors, and administering blows to it with a ball-pein hammer.
The power and strength of Flexible LED Strips
If technology continues to evolve at its current pace, LED lighting lamps may soon replace all other forms of lighting. As energy prices continue to fluctuate problematically, the cost effectiveness of low-voltage lighting is readily apparent as an energy saver. Furthermore, as environmental awareness mounts worldwide, gasless lighting offers a “green” alternative to toxic gases used in older technologies.

lighting emanates from LED lights lamps whose revolutionary approach to illumination will soon change the entire lighting industry. LED light lamps utilize semiconductors and diodes to produce low voltage lighting with minimal heat. LED lights lamps consume far less energy than any other form of light bulb, and with reduced heat they offer little, if any, fire hazard and no damage to their immediate environment. Phantom’s LED light lamp technology offers the best and most technologically sophisticated value for task and aesthetic lighting needs of both residential and commercial clients

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