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How to Replace LED Tail Lights

Car led lamps give a custom look to any vehicle, helping to make it more individual. LED tail lights also generally last longer than conventional tail lights. The time will come when it’s necessary to replace the LED tail lights, however.
It’s not a complex job.
Tools and Materials
New LED bulbs
Step 1 - Accessing the car led lights
The first thing to do is to remove the old LED tail lights. Open the trunk or the hatchback. In the rear corners you’ll see the covers that allow you to access the tail lights. This will generally snap out with a screwdriver, although in some makes it might be attached with screws. In some instances the covers might be hidden behind a trunk lines, and you’ll need to move this out of the way first.
Step 2 - Removing the Lights of car led bulb
You’ll need to unscrew the housing for the LED tail light and pull it out gently. Lay it down in the cargo area. Remove the old tail lights. These will unscrew easily. Remember the order or lay them out in the correct order.
Step 3 - New LED Lights car lights
You should remember that LED lights are vehicle specific. When shopping for new lights you’ll need to buy those that are made for the make and model you own. Buying other lights will simply mean returning to the auto parts store later to buy the correct lights. If you’re putting car led lights in your vehicle in place of conventional lights be aware that the LED lights are intended to fit directly and easily into the original wiring harness. There is no need to make any change to the wiring, which makes the procedure much easier. Screw the newLED tail lights into the harness being careful to keep them in the correct order.
Step 4-Testing car led lights
Before you put the tail lights back in place securely, test them. This will require the help of a friend. With the bulbs in the wiring harnesses, and the wiring harnesses lying in the trunk, turn the car on and stand behind it so you can see the lights. Have the friend use both turn signals, step on the brakes, and shift the vehicle into reverse (without moving the car). This will let you see that the lights are all working properly. If there are problems, unscrew the bulb and put it back in then test again. If it still doesn’t work you have a faulty bulb that needs to be replaced.
Step 5 – Replacement
Fit the housing back into the car lights section and secure with the screws, being certain you’ve place it the right way round. Slide the cover back into place and secure, either with screw or pushing so that the clips hold firmly. If there is a trunk mat slide it back into place so that everything is as it was when you began the job. If there are no problems, then replacing car led lights should only take a matter of minutes.

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