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The seven main sales channels for car led lights

It is reported that car led lights are mainly sold in the secondary distribution market, perhaps it is not to the time to form the niche markets. In fact,the LED commercial markets and orders due to the hidden channels' promotion of the final designers, engineering firms, product improvement designers. In fact,according to industry summary , there are still seven invisible sales channels for car lights .Now let's see the sales channels as follows.
Channel one:OEM channel
OEM mainly small factories to produce for large OEM companies, it is very common in some big cities.Of course.this is not the small company's patent,many large corporations even the listed companies have their own wide sales channels, but are also the suppliers for some other international giants OEM suppliers, such as Hong Kong, Neo-Neon is Philips,  Osram suppliers.
Channel two:Export Export
Some foreign markets such as Europe, Japan, the demand for car led lights is very great, so export has become the main way many domestic enterprises.

The current export sales generally take four kinds of modes: Exhibition, borrow boat to the sea relying on foreign companies , Internet sales, export sales recruitment sales.
Channel three:Exhibition Exhibition
Many companies have taken it as the main marketing model to participate in every show (especially export-oriented show).Although this model is so off-site type, but it has been out of the house and even out of the country, so it is still actively marketing type. In the whole show,the idea of the company image become an important weapon to judge if they have harvest.

No idea how the image of attractive new products and the decision to become an important weapon harvest. Of course, the show itself is also very important.
Channel four: Foreign Trade Company
Rely on the foreign trade companies and borrow boat from the foreign trade is also a way to sell led products. So the main business source of many companies will rely on the foreign trade companies. From a certain extent, the business situation of the manufacturers will depend on the foreign trade companies.
Channel five:Internet sales
Today's e-commerce development is very rapid, bot Taobao'websites or the companies their own websites, have become an important sale tool. Taobao said that last year sold through the network of lighting products up to 10 billion. Therefore, using the Internet as a tool to sale products is very important in today's LED business.
Channel six:The Channel
As the most countries advocate to use energy-saving and environment-friendly products. This kind of channel will be the inevitable trend to comply with the international development.
Channel seven:Recruitment of export sales to export sales
Generally speaking, any company that think of the foreign trade today has at least a foreign trade commissioner, and some even set up a small export department. The trade commissioners are active in various occasions and become the important bridge to connect the LED manufacturers and the world markets.

The good use of multi-language wizard are active in various occasions, as LED manufacturers to connect the world market and an important bridge between the promoter, who is currently the market's "hot demand".

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