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Full digital control of HID xenon lamp solutions
2012-1-31 22:13:53

Last car to use more common halogen bulb lights, the lights and bright enough wattage, color temperature is too low, light yellowish color, and short-lived, high failure rate. Recently, HID (HighIntensityDischargeLamp) Xenon lights are car lights rise and, compared with traditional halogen lamps, HID xenon lamps are energy saving, high brightness, long life, safe, reliable, color temperature and sunlight similar advantages. HID xenon lamp by the ballast and bulb composition, xenon lamp ballast is a core component of the product, xenon lamp and ballast performance is closely related. With the HID ballast technology continues to mature, the new digital control method is also an impact on the industry.


Secom Telecom HID according to the domestic market is characterized by the need to introduce a single-chip based SiliconLabsMCU xenon lamp ballast intelligent all-digital solution. The program uses all-digital control, consistent with the current trend of digital development. Single-chip control technology can greatly reduce the workload of the factory commissioning. In addition, a number of patented technologies to improve the performance of HID ballast, including extensive fault detection, high-performance loop response, spread-spectrum characteristics. "These features in the program or the use of MCU +3843 simulation scenarios are not possible." Shenzhen Secom Telecom Co., Ltd. Application Engineer Manager Gehong Kai said.


This HID ballast solution features include: all-digital control makes protection more perfect; MCU control the details of each process, to better meet the needs of the characteristics of light; frequency control to minimize EMI, EMI components while reducing the number of ; combination of hardware optimization algorithm, using a number of patented technologies improve process control of HID and current limit protection treatment; all the basic digital design so that the whole program is very good scalability, you can quickly meet the specific needs of custom development; using planar transformer technology, effectively reduce the ballast thickness and volume; support are driving and negative priming in the form, fit a variety of different programs ballast circuit; ignition coil can be split and built-in output, low-voltage wire leads, high-voltage short, easy installation volume significantly reduce the number of; CPU can use electrically erasable chips; confidentiality, and is conducive to intellectual property protection.


Secom solution using high-performance MCU with the HID control functions, the device to achieve a comprehensive set of control algorithms, including the DC / DC, DC / AC, protection and so on. The program by the MCU, drive and power components, the structure is very simple, and all components have been optimized design, which has a good price. High level of integration allows components to be reducing the number and area, extensive use mount components to achieve a good thermal design and ultra-thin design. Good power supply topology and component parameters enable the program to support the wide operating voltage.



In the digital control, high-speed MCU is the core of the whole system, through the MCU can control every detail of the ballast and power status, lamp aging to achieve the status alarm. Digital processing algorithms can be more complex and precise, while analog processing is limited by the number and cost of hardware, it is difficult to implement complex processing. In addition, the debug control methods will be simulated by the consistency of components, production and commissioning of all difficulties.


Ballast is usually when the lights will reach 23,000 V voltage, there will be starts electromagnetic interference (EMI), and this would be the car's complex electronic system may result in serious interference. Secom Telecom digital intelligent ballast circuit has taken a number of anti-interference measures, such as variable frequency operation, good routing, etc., thus effectively reducing system cost, while dramatically reducing the EMI.

Xenon lamp is rated at 85 ± 17V. Slim digital ballast in lamp voltage smart AC40 ~ 150V or so to work, can adapt to new mercury-xenon lamp (D4S). Do not make any adjustments at home and abroad will be able to adapt to the different characteristics of xenon lamp manufacturers, xenon bulbs protection from damage, so that the lamp life, but also for follow-up services to provide consumers great convenience. And some ballast manufacturers can adapt to the specific xenon lamp, if you switch to another type of xenon lamp, the output power difference of 8 ~ 9W, is likely to cause early damage to the lamp.


However, Ge Hongkai also pointed out that, despite the color of HID products, good power, but it still faces challenges from other lighting systems, including LED, high pressure sodium lamp and so on. Compared with the LED, the cost of the ballast is still high, while the HID lamps of different manufacturers quite different characteristics, which makes its large-scale promotion is limited. Other hand, the relatively high failure rates HID ballast, there are many problems patch program, which have led to the high cost of HID. In the analog part of the program also makes extensive use of greatly increased the difficulty of debugging the factory, while difficult to ensure batch consistency

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